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FireBodyshockMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes23.09.2015

FireBodyshockMasters of HardcoreLosse tune23.09.2015

Posse of the Hard (Official Syndicate Anthem 2015)Dyprax & MC NolzMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes21.09.2015

Posse of the Hard (Official Syndicate Anthem 2015)Dyprax & MC NolzMasters of HardcoreLosse tune21.09.2015

Rip It UpDrokzMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes18.09.2015

Rip It UpDrokzMasters of HardcoreLosse tune18.09.2015

Forge Your Freedom Re-Style ft. MC Tha WatcherMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes20.07.2015

Forge Your FreedomRe-Style ft. MC Tha WatcherMasters of HardcoreLosse tune20.07.2015

Hurt (Original Mix)Korsakoff and Day-Mar featuring Erik LindemanMasters Of HardcoreLosse tune15.07.2015

Riders of RetaliationTha Playah & NosferatuMasters of Hardcore1 Tunes09.07.2015

Riders of Retaliation (Official Dominator Anthem 2015)Tha Playah & NosferatuMasters of HardcoreLosse tune09.07.2015

Damnation E.P.Javi BossMasters of Hardcore3 Tunes11.06.2015

Rock PartiesJavi BossMasters of HardcoreLosse tune11.06.2015

Number One ReturnsJavi BossMasters of HardcoreLosse tune11.06.2015

Fuck You!!Javi BossMasters of HardcoreLosse tune11.06.2015

HurtKorsakoff & DaY-mar (ft. Erik Lindemans)Masters of Hardcore1 Tunes29.05.2015

Hurt Korsakoff & DaY-mar (ft. Erik Lindemans)Masters of HardcoreLosse tune29.05.2015

Reborn II Conquer part 2TriaxMasters of Hardcore2 Tunes18.05.2015

Relinquish All ControlTriaxMasters of HardcoreLosse tune18.05.2015

The Enemy ListTriax & PredatorMasters of HardcoreLosse tune18.05.2015

AnimalsState of EmergencyMasters of Hardcore2 Tunes16.04.2015

Breaking The RulesState of EmergencyMasters of HardcoreLosse tune16.04.2015

AnimalsState of EmergencyMasters of HardcoreLosse tune16.04.2015

The Search Of DestructionBodyshockMasters of Hardcore14 Tunes10.04.2015

Talk About ItBodyshock & MC JeffMasters of HardcoreLosse tune10.04.2015
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